The Awesome Minis of the Mighty Chris

An old, dear friend, Chris makes his own miniatures. They are fantastic. Borne from the beautifully warped brain of a death robot, Chris’ stuff really captures the alien imagination. Over the years, he has often lamented that scary weird minis just weren’t interesting enough… as you can see, he has most certainly put his money where his mouth is. Chris also makes angry death robot music, with a number of projects– but Ion Plasma Incineration is his latest offering. If you’re a fan of dark, industrial electronics from a harsh realm of cold, unforgiving machines and space, this is for you! Personally, I love his music. It makes for great grimdark futuristic gaming soundtracks. Here’s one of his minis that he recently painted…


And here’s the Loft Guardian, which he recently sculpted…

chris_loft_guardian Man, I fucking love this guy’s work! They can be used in tabletop wargames, or, perhaps better: Blow your player’s freakin’ minds in a D&D sesh. I think you could really use these to great effect in games like Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Pandemonio, and Call of Cthulhu. Hell, break ’em out in your next Dark Heresy game, too! See more of Chris’ delicious imagination here at his blog. Enjoy!

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Welcome to the Pink Space Marine

Because my buddy Riley suggested it, I should have a post floating here while I get things in order.

As the title suggests, welcome to the Pink Space Marine. My name is Steve. I own and run Black Goat Games. I’m still tinkering with things setting up this blog, but if you are reading this, I’ve already mentioned this blog thing to you… and so here you are.

The Pink Space Marine is about minis and only minis. I’ll post pictures of my own miniatures, link to miniatures I’m drooling over, post pictures of minis people send in, and generally geek out about minis. This is not a “serious gaming blog”. This is fun. This is a hoot. If you don’t like that… well, I don’t know what to say, really. I like fun, you know?

Miniatures are a personal obsession of mine. I love them. I love looking at them. I love kitbashing and converting them. I, uh, suck at painting them, but I love doing that, anyway. If my partner would allow it, I would sleep in bed with them.

Luckily, she’s a lot saner than I am. Pewter spears are uncomfortable.

Naturally, I’d be truly crazy to not invite y’all to send me photos and stories of your own minis. Or minis you’d like to get your hands on. Or cool bits. Or cool places that do minis things. Send them here:

Yeah, I’ll do anon posts, too, if you’re shy. Just let me know, okay?

To kick this off, here is the pic of THE Pink Space Marine in all of its God-Emperory glory…


Yes, that’s a basket.

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