Midnight Mini Pr0n: Back for the Lichemasters Attack

It’s been too damned long since I posted on here. For that I deeply apologize. Let’s get right to the tasty mini meats…

Recently, I’ve been getting back into 40k, as many of you already know, and I have designed my own chapter, the Lichemasters. I’ll get into their fluff some other time, but in short, they’re a loose successor chapter of the Death Spectres. Here’s some shots I took a couple weeks back. Nearly all these guys are primed now, by the way, so I need to get some new shots… and glue a few back together as my sons have already decided in their infinite wisdom to, uh, battle test them.

In the coming days, I’ll share more and more photos of my weird ideas and conversions/

Lichemaster_Heavy_Bolter_1I really like that heavy bolter guy. Just a simple head-swap, really.

Next up, we have a group shot…


Nicole, who took all of these photos, said she loves the Techmarine. Sadly, he was a post-priming casualty of the Childhood Sector Crusade. I still need to find his flamer arm. Sigh.

Anyhoo, a couple of those heads are Mantic Revenant heads, and while Mantic is a smaller actual scale, the helmeted ones seem to work alright.


Another shot with a couple of their friends showing up. By the way, that hand weapon Sgt. Skully has there is from a Lizardman. It was a complete bitch to glue on, y’all.

Let’s get a closer look at Mr. Chainfist.


Mmmm… sexy, no? He’s a Legion of the Damned conversion.


I do love that Chaplain. Notice his skeletal arm clutching a las-pistol. Lichemasters are so far flung into the Ghoul Stars that they have to scavenge a lot of equipment, you see.


Another simple conversion. Gonna have to paint over that, natch.

Also, you may now notice that we have some animal remains in our home…


We have lots of macabre bits and bobs meticulously filed away. Don’t worry, we’re careful and clean– Nicole’s father is even a taxidermy enthusiast. We have never killed an animal for parts, nor will we ever consider that nasty option. So, trust me when I say this kitty cat was already long dead before his or her skull parts were found.

For the record, actual bones and woodland bits make for great terrain or scenic props!

Thanks for tuning in. Be seeing you.

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