Midnight Mini Pr0n: Sack o’ Skulls!

Oof! I am wiped out from today. Lots of walking, lots of errands, and fiddling with new computery bits. I did pick up new brushes, more paints, super glue (this stuff— it’s da bestest) with my lady love, who is gonna try her hand at minis painting in the near future. I also launched a new Black Goat Games product, The Egadingfly, which you can pick up here for as much or little ducat-wise as you’d like! It’s a nasty system-neutral RPG critter GM’s and reaily and happily torment their pesky players with.

This leaves me with little time and energy to do a MMP PSM post, but I think I should do something…

Yes! That’s it! A SACK O’ SKULLS! I’m getting these little suckers sooooon….


Just look at all those sexy skulls. Best place to get them from, aside from the manufacturer, is The Warstore, natch. Speaking of the manufacturer, I plan on showcasing Secret Weapon soon, as their selection of minis and bits is, well, just freaking sexy.

Until next time, be good! Or good at being bad!

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2 Responses to Midnight Mini Pr0n: Sack o’ Skulls!

  1. Eli says:

    Are these approximately Warhams scale?

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