Midnight Mini Pr0n: The Minis Passion of the Patrick

Patrick Freivald is, aside from being an all around great guy, is an author I know. Yeah, yeah, yeah, he writes fantastic stuff. ¬†He also keeps bees. But another thing he’s really into is minis– specifically Warhammer 40k.

I asked Patrick to send some images my way, and he was gracious enough to send some my way…

Let’s kick this off with his Slaaneshi¬†Be’lakor kitbash. Just look at how he used those Pegasus wings!


That’s a sweet mini, eh? And here’s his Space Marines from some time back.


He liked that paint scheme so much, he decided to do his Dark Eldar in a similar fashion.


Man, no more “I suck at this painting shit because I’m a writer” excuses. I can’t even throw in that editing also takes extra skill power, because Patrick is also a wicked editor. Argh! I’m full of jealous rage!

Anyway, I’d like to thank the good Mr. Freivald for sharing a few pics of his awesomeness. Let’s hope he shares some more, because this is a man of many talents, folks. Be sure to pick his books up; or if you see one of his stories somewhere, check it out. He is a gifted wordsmith sure to entertain you!

Images courtesy of Patrick Freivald


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