Midnight Mini Pr0n: Tossing Around the Old Pig Iron

You probably have a good idea of what my minis tastes are like so far… With this in mind, it ought to come as no surprise that I’m a fan of Pig Iron Productions. I can’t cover everything they do, of course, but I’ll point out a couple of favorites.

Now, I love undead; and the next best thing to undead is infected.


I look forward to getting my mitts on those nasty fellows!

Now, a lot of folks might already know this, but just in case you don’t: Pig Iron is one of THE places to get Imperial Guard-like dudes. I mean, just look at these guys.


Simple to paint, but they certainly don’t look like wimpy pushovers.

Then there’s the Kolony Militia, who are dudes I also want.


These System Troopers look like utterly mean customers.


And so much more. Seriously, check their site out. You can also pick up their own original rules, Tomorrow’s War, too. What really gets my socks all tightly rolled is their fine assortment of bits, which are pretty compatible with many 28mm *cough40kcough* games. My only issue is that these usually don’t come with bases (I’m greedy) and prices and shipping are brutal if you’re like me and located in Canadaggroth. For the North Americans, I fully recommend The Warstore. Few can match their superb customer service and attention to quality retailing. And here’s the Pig Iron section! Go on, go get some!

All images taken from Pig Iron Productions.

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