Wynnie the Werebear, who?

I promised I’d show off my silly Mage Knight werebear conversion, so here it is. My sons call him/her* “Wynnie”. The lovely Nicole took the photos…


It’s a pretty simple conversion– and I haven’t even painted it much. The bones and parts are all Warhammer Fantasy skeleton bits.



The dread portal terrain is crafted by the fabulous Robert Metzner and company.


“Be seeing you…”

Oh, look, it’s getting late and Wynnie needs to get goin’ back through the portal. As you can see, a decayed arm still clutching a sword is stuck in Wynnie’s back. Back pain is a serious issue, as I know all too well… but when you’re a werebear, that shit is tough.

(*The boys argue over if Wynnie is a boy or girl. I think we’ve decided that Wynnie can be whatever she/he wants to be!)

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