Midnight Mini Pr0n: Warlord’s Engineer Working Party

I could go on and on about Warlord, one of my fave minis producers in recent years. Recently, I got a hold of the Pike & Shotte Engineer Working Party… and I love them. I mean, I don’t play any Thirty Years War et al historical stuff (though I really should), because I love 16th and 17th century figs. They’re perfect for grimdark RPGs like WFRP, Witch Hunter: The Invisible World, and ZWEIHÄNDER, too.

warlord_engineer_working_party_official_frontYou can turn these guys into anything. They don’t have to be an engineer working party.

You could also use them as adventurers, or as random civilian-worker types. That heavily armored middle guy in the above pics? He’s a vicious killer of some sort. Say, “The Masked Butcher of Eindhuuving”. You can let your imagination go hog freakin’ wild.

Now, here are my own minis of this sort…

You can see they’re quite nice minis. They’re 28mm, but they’re most certainly not the “heroic scale” Warhammer figs are. They’re about the same size as Mantic figs, really.

I’m really looking forward to painting them! For now, though, they sit on my bookshelf, keeping that Great Worm from Reaper company.

Here, let’s look at them again with a slightly different picture, knowing what kind of nightmares they’re going to have. I suppose this would be a good place to pimp my flash fiction piece Worm, as well.


Oooohhh, yeah. You’re going to have all kinds or sweet dreams now, huh?

Warlord is a fantastic company ran by top blokes. I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are one of THE places to go if you want superior historical miniatures with all sorts of lines ranged throughout numerous epochs and ages of humankind. Their explanations of the miniatures and what backgrounds and history they represent is also of excellent quality. One thing is for sure: Warlord will certainly be hearing from me again.

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