So, a Bugbear, Cult Leader, and Grick walk into a bar…

Here’s one of my little conversions. And I mean little. The only not-out-of-box feature is the addition of Riviovasara, the “fiend hammer” of noted bugbear warrior Gwaedglir Lleuadlladdgask*. Then I set the wee lads up on and around a actual skull and took pictures.

(*Please note: Save your time trying to Google that. I made it all up.)


All the minis shown are from Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeon and Dragons minis line. I love picking them up. Not only because I am super lazy with painting, but they’re rather (usually) inexpensive and almost always well done.

"Hey, Steve, what about me, huh?"

“Hey, Steve, what about me, huh?”

Riviovasara is built using goblin bits from Mantic combined with a Forge Fathers (or, “legally not Squats“) hammer. Maybe it was a dwarf hammer… Anyways, then some slapped on paint– presto!


Here’s Gwaedglir Lleuadlladdgask all on his lonesome, taken in better light and by Nicole, who’s much better at handling a camera than me…


I always find it awesome what you can do with minor conversions. I mean, all I did was glue two goblin heads on a hammer and replace the original weapon. Honestly, I love this bugbear fig, but the original weapon was pretty weak. See for yourself…


By the way, Troll and Toad is a great place to order miniatures from. They have top-notch service, quick shipping, reasonable prices, and an excellent selection. I’ve made more than one order from them with the intention to kitbash. In fact, I’ll show my kitbashed Mage Knight werebear soon!


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