Lord Vuline, Doomed Loyalist Traitor to the Emperor

“The enemy of my enemy is my comrade in annihilation.”

Chaos_Maine_Winged_1 This is one of my favorite personal mini projects in progress. I named him Vuline, and he’s a former Space Marine Captain of the Star Phantoms 7th Company. Vuline was personally leading an excursion against a group World Eaters Traitor Marines found near the edge of Ghoul Stars. Things went terribly sideways when Vuline and his small outfit realized they were viciously outnumbered straight out of the gate, but then Death Guard allies to the World Eaters emerged from the warp… and Captain Vuline knew they were doomed.

Chaos_Maine_Winged_2_back Managing to get a message back to the rest of his company, Vuline and his group of thirty Marines managed to hold the Adeptus Mechanicus research outpost they were sent to investigate and defend for over a week. One by one his Battle Brothers fell. Even outnumbered twenty to one, Vuline and his Brothers fought on. Eventually, most of his men were dead, with the one hundred Guardsmen attached to the outpost also gone. Whether out of desperation or frustration, know one knows for sure, but Vuline stopped calling for his Emperor for help, curing the very Golden Throne itself. He called for anyone to assist in granting him victory, and the Warp answered. A mysterious vessel dropped out of the Immaterium and savagely attacked the forces of Khorne and Nurgle. The ragged survivors of Vuline’s men saw their leader transform before their eyes, as leathery wings burst from his power armour.

Chaos_Maine_Winged_3 Vuline’s pleas for strength and vengeance had been answered by Malal. Seeing it as an effective means to fight the enemies of Mankind and the God-Emperor, not one of Captain Vuline’s men refused Malal’s call. Vuline joined the ancient battle cruiser that had showed up to save him and his force, and amongst them were a handful of Space Marines who served Malal, along with several thousand cultists. Ever since, the one who became known as Lord Vuline the Doomed has searched the Ghoul Stars looking for any Chaos Renegades or, especially, Traitor Marines. He and his forces are swift, brutal, and unforgiving.

Chaos_Maine_Winged_4 I plan to paint this fellow up and some of my chaos fellas pretty soon; well, after I get started on my Lichemasters Space Marine chapter (pics of them soon). Naturally, I’ll show them off once they’re painted… I may change the trophy head cudgel into a Traitor Space Marine helmet. Anyways, the bits for the conversion you see are: The head is from Victoria Miniatures, cudgel is from a Gangs of Mega-City One pack, wings were from a Annihilus Heroclix fig. The rest is 40k, natch. I highly, highly, highly recommend Victoria Miniatures, by the way! Some of the best bits out there. Great molds and sculpts; quality product. Some terrain you see in the background Robert Metzner and his wonderful terrain staff.

The good pictures are by the lovely Nicole Turner

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