Midnight Mini Pr0n: Red Fox Minis

I know this great guy, Kurt of Red Fox Minis, and he’s one of the most badass minis painters I know. If painters were ultra-kickass historical warriors, Kurt would be a Winged Hussar. No. Six Winged Hussars.


I first met him at Gottacon 2012. I even featured him on an old blog of mine. Oh, yeah, and I should mention I’m bringing back Midnight Mini Pr0n. Yes, all three of you who know what I’m talking about are totally excited! Kicking off the Resurrection of MMP with this guy is basically a no-brainer, you know?


What we got here is Farsight Enclave Riptide, and wow. Look, I hate the Tau (NO, I’M NOT SORRY), but this is so amazing it makes me want go out and buy Tau minis right


Thing is, I suck at painting figs. I would butcher something like this. My minis painting skills are considered war crimes in at least eleven different nations. Hold up! There are people you can pay to paint your figs– and Red Fox Minis is one of them. That’s right, you can get this guy to paint your minis for you for a fair and reasonable cost.


I have seen this guy’s work up close and personal, and the only thing I had to worry about was pissing my pants from the sheer amaze-force Kurt’s skills create. Shit. I just peed myself. See? Now my office chair smells even more like pee.


Check out Red Fox Minis¬†for more sweet, sweet pics and drop him a line if you are in the Vancouver, BC area and want to have some of the best damned looking miniatures this side of Necromunda. (Please Note: If you’re on Vancouver Island or not quite AS local as Van, give Kurt a shout anyway and ask him questions.)

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2 Responses to Midnight Mini Pr0n: Red Fox Minis

  1. Tau suits are quite easy to paint but not so easy to paint well, and the poses are terrible. This is ace.

  2. Yeah, Kurt’s one of the best painters I know… Plus, he’s a nice chap to boot.

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