Midnight Mini Pr0n: Back for the Lichemasters Attack

It’s been too damned long since I posted on here. For that I deeply apologize. Let’s get right to the tasty mini meats…

Recently, I’ve been getting back into 40k, as many of you already know, and I have designed my own chapter, the Lichemasters. I’ll get into their fluff some other time, but in short, they’re a loose successor chapter of the Death Spectres. Here’s some shots I took a couple weeks back. Nearly all these guys are primed now, by the way, so I need to get some new shots… and glue a few back together as my sons have already decided in their infinite wisdom to, uh, battle test them.

In the coming days, I’ll share more and more photos of my weird ideas and conversions/

Lichemaster_Heavy_Bolter_1I really like that heavy bolter guy. Just a simple head-swap, really.

Next up, we have a group shot…


Nicole, who took all of these photos, said she loves the Techmarine. Sadly, he was a post-priming casualty of the Childhood Sector Crusade. I still need to find his flamer arm. Sigh.

Anyhoo, a couple of those heads are Mantic Revenant heads, and while Mantic is a smaller actual scale, the helmeted ones seem to work alright.


Another shot with a couple of their friends showing up. By the way, that hand weapon Sgt. Skully has there is from a Lizardman. It was a complete bitch to glue on, y’all.

Let’s get a closer look at Mr. Chainfist.


Mmmm… sexy, no? He’s a Legion of the Damned conversion.


I do love that Chaplain. Notice his skeletal arm clutching a las-pistol. Lichemasters are so far flung into the Ghoul Stars that they have to scavenge a lot of equipment, you see.


Another simple conversion. Gonna have to paint over that, natch.

Also, you may now notice that we have some animal remains in our home…


We have lots of macabre bits and bobs meticulously filed away. Don’t worry, we’re careful and clean– Nicole’s father is even a taxidermy enthusiast. We have never killed an animal for parts, nor will we ever consider that nasty option. So, trust me when I say this kitty cat was already long dead before his or her skull parts were found.

For the record, actual bones and woodland bits make for great terrain or scenic props!

Thanks for tuning in. Be seeing you.

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Midnight Mini Pr0n: Sack o’ Skulls!

Oof! I am wiped out from today. Lots of walking, lots of errands, and fiddling with new computery bits. I did pick up new brushes, more paints, super glue (this stuff— it’s da bestest) with my lady love, who is gonna try her hand at minis painting in the near future. I also launched a new Black Goat Games product, The Egadingfly, which you can pick up here for as much or little ducat-wise as you’d like! It’s a nasty system-neutral RPG critter GM’s and reaily and happily torment their pesky players with.

This leaves me with little time and energy to do a MMP PSM post, but I think I should do something…

Yes! That’s it! A SACK O’ SKULLS! I’m getting these little suckers sooooon….


Just look at all those sexy skulls. Best place to get them from, aside from the manufacturer, is The Warstore, natch. Speaking of the manufacturer, I plan on showcasing Secret Weapon soon, as their selection of minis and bits is, well, just freaking sexy.

Until next time, be good! Or good at being bad!

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Midnight Mini Pr0n: The Minis Passion of the Patrick

Patrick Freivald is, aside from being an all around great guy, is an author I know. Yeah, yeah, yeah, he writes fantastic stuff.  He also keeps bees. But another thing he’s really into is minis– specifically Warhammer 40k.

I asked Patrick to send some images my way, and he was gracious enough to send some my way…

Let’s kick this off with his Slaaneshi Be’lakor kitbash. Just look at how he used those Pegasus wings!


That’s a sweet mini, eh? And here’s his Space Marines from some time back.


He liked that paint scheme so much, he decided to do his Dark Eldar in a similar fashion.


Man, no more “I suck at this painting shit because I’m a writer” excuses. I can’t even throw in that editing also takes extra skill power, because Patrick is also a wicked editor. Argh! I’m full of jealous rage!

Anyway, I’d like to thank the good Mr. Freivald for sharing a few pics of his awesomeness. Let’s hope he shares some more, because this is a man of many talents, folks. Be sure to pick his books up; or if you see one of his stories somewhere, check it out. He is a gifted wordsmith sure to entertain you!

Images courtesy of Patrick Freivald


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Midnight Mini Pr0n: Tossing Around the Old Pig Iron

You probably have a good idea of what my minis tastes are like so far… With this in mind, it ought to come as no surprise that I’m a fan of Pig Iron Productions. I can’t cover everything they do, of course, but I’ll point out a couple of favorites.

Now, I love undead; and the next best thing to undead is infected.


I look forward to getting my mitts on those nasty fellows!

Now, a lot of folks might already know this, but just in case you don’t: Pig Iron is one of THE places to get Imperial Guard-like dudes. I mean, just look at these guys.


Simple to paint, but they certainly don’t look like wimpy pushovers.

Then there’s the Kolony Militia, who are dudes I also want.


These System Troopers look like utterly mean customers.


And so much more. Seriously, check their site out. You can also pick up their own original rules, Tomorrow’s War, too. What really gets my socks all tightly rolled is their fine assortment of bits, which are pretty compatible with many 28mm *cough40kcough* games. My only issue is that these usually don’t come with bases (I’m greedy) and prices and shipping are brutal if you’re like me and located in Canadaggroth. For the North Americans, I fully recommend The Warstore. Few can match their superb customer service and attention to quality retailing. And here’s the Pig Iron section! Go on, go get some!

All images taken from Pig Iron Productions.

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Wynnie the Werebear, who?

I promised I’d show off my silly Mage Knight werebear conversion, so here it is. My sons call him/her* “Wynnie”. The lovely Nicole took the photos…


It’s a pretty simple conversion– and I haven’t even painted it much. The bones and parts are all Warhammer Fantasy skeleton bits.



The dread portal terrain is crafted by the fabulous Robert Metzner and company.


“Be seeing you…”

Oh, look, it’s getting late and Wynnie needs to get goin’ back through the portal. As you can see, a decayed arm still clutching a sword is stuck in Wynnie’s back. Back pain is a serious issue, as I know all too well… but when you’re a werebear, that shit is tough.

(*The boys argue over if Wynnie is a boy or girl. I think we’ve decided that Wynnie can be whatever she/he wants to be!)

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Midnight Mini Pr0n: Warlord’s Engineer Working Party

I could go on and on about Warlord, one of my fave minis producers in recent years. Recently, I got a hold of the Pike & Shotte Engineer Working Party… and I love them. I mean, I don’t play any Thirty Years War et al historical stuff (though I really should), because I love 16th and 17th century figs. They’re perfect for grimdark RPGs like WFRP, Witch Hunter: The Invisible World, and ZWEIHÄNDER, too.

warlord_engineer_working_party_official_frontYou can turn these guys into anything. They don’t have to be an engineer working party.

You could also use them as adventurers, or as random civilian-worker types. That heavily armored middle guy in the above pics? He’s a vicious killer of some sort. Say, “The Masked Butcher of Eindhuuving”. You can let your imagination go hog freakin’ wild.

Now, here are my own minis of this sort…

You can see they’re quite nice minis. They’re 28mm, but they’re most certainly not the “heroic scale” Warhammer figs are. They’re about the same size as Mantic figs, really.

I’m really looking forward to painting them! For now, though, they sit on my bookshelf, keeping that Great Worm from Reaper company.

Here, let’s look at them again with a slightly different picture, knowing what kind of nightmares they’re going to have. I suppose this would be a good place to pimp my flash fiction piece Worm, as well.


Oooohhh, yeah. You’re going to have all kinds or sweet dreams now, huh?

Warlord is a fantastic company ran by top blokes. I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are one of THE places to go if you want superior historical miniatures with all sorts of lines ranged throughout numerous epochs and ages of humankind. Their explanations of the miniatures and what backgrounds and history they represent is also of excellent quality. One thing is for sure: Warlord will certainly be hearing from me again.

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So, a Bugbear, Cult Leader, and Grick walk into a bar…

Here’s one of my little conversions. And I mean little. The only not-out-of-box feature is the addition of Riviovasara, the “fiend hammer” of noted bugbear warrior Gwaedglir Lleuadlladdgask*. Then I set the wee lads up on and around a actual skull and took pictures.

(*Please note: Save your time trying to Google that. I made it all up.)


All the minis shown are from Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeon and Dragons minis line. I love picking them up. Not only because I am super lazy with painting, but they’re rather (usually) inexpensive and almost always well done.

"Hey, Steve, what about me, huh?"

“Hey, Steve, what about me, huh?”

Riviovasara is built using goblin bits from Mantic combined with a Forge Fathers (or, “legally not Squats“) hammer. Maybe it was a dwarf hammer… Anyways, then some slapped on paint– presto!


Here’s Gwaedglir Lleuadlladdgask all on his lonesome, taken in better light and by Nicole, who’s much better at handling a camera than me…


I always find it awesome what you can do with minor conversions. I mean, all I did was glue two goblin heads on a hammer and replace the original weapon. Honestly, I love this bugbear fig, but the original weapon was pretty weak. See for yourself…


By the way, Troll and Toad is a great place to order miniatures from. They have top-notch service, quick shipping, reasonable prices, and an excellent selection. I’ve made more than one order from them with the intention to kitbash. In fact, I’ll show my kitbashed Mage Knight werebear soon!


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Lord Vuline, Doomed Loyalist Traitor to the Emperor

“The enemy of my enemy is my comrade in annihilation.”

Chaos_Maine_Winged_1 This is one of my favorite personal mini projects in progress. I named him Vuline, and he’s a former Space Marine Captain of the Star Phantoms 7th Company. Vuline was personally leading an excursion against a group World Eaters Traitor Marines found near the edge of Ghoul Stars. Things went terribly sideways when Vuline and his small outfit realized they were viciously outnumbered straight out of the gate, but then Death Guard allies to the World Eaters emerged from the warp… and Captain Vuline knew they were doomed.

Chaos_Maine_Winged_2_back Managing to get a message back to the rest of his company, Vuline and his group of thirty Marines managed to hold the Adeptus Mechanicus research outpost they were sent to investigate and defend for over a week. One by one his Battle Brothers fell. Even outnumbered twenty to one, Vuline and his Brothers fought on. Eventually, most of his men were dead, with the one hundred Guardsmen attached to the outpost also gone. Whether out of desperation or frustration, know one knows for sure, but Vuline stopped calling for his Emperor for help, curing the very Golden Throne itself. He called for anyone to assist in granting him victory, and the Warp answered. A mysterious vessel dropped out of the Immaterium and savagely attacked the forces of Khorne and Nurgle. The ragged survivors of Vuline’s men saw their leader transform before their eyes, as leathery wings burst from his power armour.

Chaos_Maine_Winged_3 Vuline’s pleas for strength and vengeance had been answered by Malal. Seeing it as an effective means to fight the enemies of Mankind and the God-Emperor, not one of Captain Vuline’s men refused Malal’s call. Vuline joined the ancient battle cruiser that had showed up to save him and his force, and amongst them were a handful of Space Marines who served Malal, along with several thousand cultists. Ever since, the one who became known as Lord Vuline the Doomed has searched the Ghoul Stars looking for any Chaos Renegades or, especially, Traitor Marines. He and his forces are swift, brutal, and unforgiving.

Chaos_Maine_Winged_4 I plan to paint this fellow up and some of my chaos fellas pretty soon; well, after I get started on my Lichemasters Space Marine chapter (pics of them soon). Naturally, I’ll show them off once they’re painted… I may change the trophy head cudgel into a Traitor Space Marine helmet. Anyways, the bits for the conversion you see are: The head is from Victoria Miniatures, cudgel is from a Gangs of Mega-City One pack, wings were from a Annihilus Heroclix fig. The rest is 40k, natch. I highly, highly, highly recommend Victoria Miniatures, by the way! Some of the best bits out there. Great molds and sculpts; quality product. Some terrain you see in the background Robert Metzner and his wonderful terrain staff.

The good pictures are by the lovely Nicole Turner

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Midnight Mini Pr0n: Red Fox Minis

I know this great guy, Kurt of Red Fox Minis, and he’s one of the most badass minis painters I know. If painters were ultra-kickass historical warriors, Kurt would be a Winged Hussar. No. Six Winged Hussars.


I first met him at Gottacon 2012. I even featured him on an old blog of mine. Oh, yeah, and I should mention I’m bringing back Midnight Mini Pr0n. Yes, all three of you who know what I’m talking about are totally excited! Kicking off the Resurrection of MMP with this guy is basically a no-brainer, you know?


What we got here is Farsight Enclave Riptide, and wow. Look, I hate the Tau (NO, I’M NOT SORRY), but this is so amazing it makes me want go out and buy Tau minis right


Thing is, I suck at painting figs. I would butcher something like this. My minis painting skills are considered war crimes in at least eleven different nations. Hold up! There are people you can pay to paint your figs– and Red Fox Minis is one of them. That’s right, you can get this guy to paint your minis for you for a fair and reasonable cost.


I have seen this guy’s work up close and personal, and the only thing I had to worry about was pissing my pants from the sheer amaze-force Kurt’s skills create. Shit. I just peed myself. See? Now my office chair smells even more like pee.


Check out Red Fox Minis for more sweet, sweet pics and drop him a line if you are in the Vancouver, BC area and want to have some of the best damned looking miniatures this side of Necromunda. (Please Note: If you’re on Vancouver Island or not quite AS local as Van, give Kurt a shout anyway and ask him questions.)

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Stewart’s Prussian Battleship

Dystopian Wars is a game my buddy Stewart has been trying to get me into, and I have to admit, it seems pretty sweet. The minis are boss, the fluff is great, and I hear it’s got a solid rules set. He sent me this photo of the Prussian Battleship he just painted up. Lookin’ good!

Wait. An alt-history game set in the 1870’s with Prussians? Why aren’t I already playing this?

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